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BESS Connect Subscription – the newsletter of the NERC BESS Directorate

Latest news from the NERC BESS programme

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Our landscapes need to be managed appropriately to ensure the sustainable delivery of benefits to society such as clean water, food production and flood protection. Currently we do not truly understand the linkages between biodiversity within landscapes and services flows. Without this knowledge we are managing our landscapes under great uncertainty.

Biodiversity & Ecosystem Service Sustainability (BESS) is a six-year (2011-2017) NERC research programme, designed to reduce that uncertainty. It will answer fundamental questions about the functional role of biodiversity in key ecosystem processes at the landscape scale and how these are likely to change in an uncertain future.
Our aim is to provide an improved evidence base for those managing our landscapes so they are in a much better position to make decisions about the inevitable trade-offs required to ensure our sustainable futures.

Upcoming Events

PhD opportunity at York: Does moorland restoration increase resilience and protect peat carbon stocks against wildfire?

Closing date for applications: Monday 9 January 2017.
York NERC ACCE Interview Day: Wednesday 16 February 2016

Modelling Ecosystem Workshop

Cranfield University, Bedfordshire 1-2 December 2016

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The latest updates from the NERC Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services Sustainability programme

New BESS related publications

BESS researchers have been busy releasing the results from the programme’s findings in a range of journal articles.
A new paper from the Urban BESS  team highlights their new evidence on the important role urban scavengers in UK cities. Their findings highlight how despite being unpopular with the public and land managers crows, magpies and foxes perform important functions in carcass removal in our urban spaces. You can read more here…

Image from RSPCA.org.uk

Meanwhile have been testing an ecosystem mapping tool. They have performed a sensitivity analysis with the InVEST water yield model. They highlight how errors in the input data can have significant impacts on the model outputs. To read more on how well the modelled performed at different scales click here…

Another new journal article has identified research priorities for managing the impacts and dependencies of business upon food, energy, water and the environment. The paper in ‘Sustainability Science’ shows how collaboration between business and academia can identify the most urgent research priorities to ensure the sustainability of food, energy, water and the environment. Read more here…

A new Working Paper presents and analyses the perspectives of multiple stakeholders on the adoption in England of Biodiversity Offsetting, an instrument designed to enable biodiversity losses in one place to be compensated through conservation improvements in other nearby sites. The analysis reveals several doubts and challenges associated with social and ecological compensation of biodiversity loss.

You can access the working paper here…

Marine Ecosystem Services

A new website has been launched for the Cooperative Participatory Evaluation of Renewable Technologies on Ecosystem Services (CORPORATES) project. The project aims to to map out local marine ecosystem services for the Forth of Firth using different types of evidence, discuss their different and shared values and evaluate different scenarios to inform decisions.

Find out more here…

Big Bug Count Completes

 report on the surprises they have started to uncover whilst analysing all their urban bug sampling. Read more details of their latest findings here…

New website for

For all the latest from our consortia concentrating on lowland landscapes you now need to visit here…

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BESS continues to synthesize the outputs from the all the programmes research.

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