General Address and Telephone

BESS Directorate

Please contact Toshiko Smith for queries related to BESS research and knowledge exchange, and for Directorate activities.

Directorate PA: Toshiko Smith
Telephone number: (01904) 324060 (International +44 1904 324060)
Fax number: (01904) 432998 (International +44 1904 432998)

Twitter: @nercbess

Director: Dave Raffaelli –
Deputy Director: Piran White –
Project Manager: Kevin Hicks  –
BESS Communications (Newsletter): Steve Cinderby
Website: Howard Cambridge –


Environment Department
Wentworth Way
University of York
YO10 5DD
United Kingdom

BESS Secretariat

Contact the BESS Secretariat at NERC for queries about grants, including application procedures and grant amendments, and for general programme queries.


Hannah Corney
Science Programme Officer
Telephone: 01793 411796

Dominique Butt
Tel: 01793 411751